How to get a Passport?

Getting a Passport is No Magic – But it’s Simple.

Passport is a Valid Document which identifies a person as a specific country’s citizen when you travel  abroad from your Home country! And it has many other uses when you go to indian government offices and other places domestically, to prove you are a citizen of our country. But nowadays getting a passport in India  is always being an adventure for most of the applicants except one or two!

Sometime ago I got my re-issued passport in Tatkal mode and fresh passports in normal for my wife and child. I received my passport within a weeks time after applying, but it took a little bit of time for my family members. But the process was very simple and hassle free. I went through Old website And I checked for the required documents, I prepared the documents perfectly and there was no problem at the time of appointment and we received the passports very easily.

Recently I was associated to my niece to help and get her passport as she is getting married and going to abroad very soon. Since I was an experienced hand in getting the passport, they pulled me in this scenario. Nowadays they have made the system as very easy to register and apply in on-line through New Website . We applied in on-line and received the ARN (Application Reference Number) immediately.

Then only the struggle started! Getting an appointment was a big head-ache.

Seeking Appointment after Submission of Application is the Bottle Neck in this Process making the People frustrated and tired.

The Passport Agents are ballooned  and harvesting big Money by utilizing this Opportunity!

I went through lot of web sites, blogs to understand the process well and the nuances of this process. I could see a lot of queries  like this….

  • How  to get a Passport?

  • “Why appointment slot not available in PSK?”

  • Appointment Slot Not Available on any Passport Seva Kendra!

  • Not able to get the Passport Appointment in PSK

Though it was lot more helpful, I could not find precision answers to many people’s queries in these blogs and sometimes it seems generic. That’s why I started my own blog to help others.

Even if you get an appointment to PSK, the verification process of documents in the passport office is a bitter! There is lot of chaos among TCS staff while verifying the documents.

When we attended for the interview at the first time, they rejected the application as the ration card could not be verified in on-line.

Then the second time they rejected the application for  over writing in birth certificate which is also a corporation official fault!

And finally we obtained all the corrected documents as per the expectations of PSK and we got the Passport.

I learnt a lot through these  experiences and I would like to share this  to the needy people like You! Hence I started this Blog!

So, the purpose of this post is to let the people understand a little bit about the process, the hurdles to be faced and the way get your passport!

Navigate through the links available in this blog shown in blue for the further information and process.

Feel Free to share your Comments, Queries, Advises , Suggestions and your experiences in this Blog and You are welcome!

Let many Master Brains come together to help People and make this Blog a great success!

Here are the Simple Steps to obtain your Passport with out any hassle.


First of all you need to plan well in advance, that in which mode you are going to apply for getting your Passport i.e., Tatkal or Normal  based on your need and Circumstance.

Then  you have to register your account in on-line to proceed this process further. To your register your account click the following link.

User Registration

After registering  your account you will get your User ID and password, and you can use this User ID and password to log on your account through out the entire process and for follow-up.

After logged on you may notice three choices.

1. Apply for Fresh Passport/ Re-issue of Passport.

2. Apply for Police clearance Certificate

3. View Saved / Submitted Applications.

Choice 1 & 2 preferred for Application form Submission and Choice 3 to view your Saved and Submitted Applications.

If you are applying for Fresh/Re-issue of Passport select 1, and there you will have the options to select  either to fill the application in on-line or by download the application which you can fill it at your own pace and later you can upload and submit.

After the Submission of your Passport application in on-line you will get an ARN (Application Reference Number) which is a Two digit – Seven digit Number which will be used for future refernce.

You can take a print out of your application after submission of your application.

2.Prepare the your Documents

  1. Documents required for Fresh Passport Issuance

  2. Documents required for  Re-issue

  3. Documents required for  Police clearance

  4. Documents of Annexures/ Affidavits

Documents  required for Fresh / Normal 

Document Code:7001 Proof of Present Address

Document Code:7002 Proof of Date of Birth

Document Code:8015 Document Required for Non-ECR. 

The Documents required for obtaining a Fresh Passport 

For Normal Application Type:

  1. Birth Certificate from Municipal Authorities    –        Mandatory
  2. Any Two identical Address Proofs:                            –        2 Mandatory & 1 Optional
    1. Ration Card
    2. Voter ID
    3. Driving License
    4. One Year Statement and Passbook of running Nationalized Bank
    5. Income tax assessment Order
    6. Certificate from Employers from Reputed Public limited Companies on     their letter head with Seal.
    7. Spouse’s Passport Copy (Spouse’s present address should match)
    8. Proof of Gas Connection.
    9. Telephone Bill ( Land or Mobile Post paid bill)
    10. Electricity Bill
    11. Water Bill
    12. For proofs 9,10,11  – 2 bills are required one for last year and one for current year.
    13. Parent’s passport copy ( in case of minors)
  3. Educational Qualification Certificate with T.C   – Mandatory  

        Minimum Matriculation or more qualified Certificate for Non-ECR. 

For Tatkal Application Type:

  1. Birth Certificate from Municipal Authorities       –           Mandatory
  2. Any Three identical Address Proofs:                           –       3 Mandatory & 1 Optional
    • Address proofs are as shown above


If your document proofs are not sufficient, enclose Annexure ‘F’ for verification. It has to be received from Government Officials like Tashildar and above cadre, higher police officials, Magistrate, Government Secretaries etc.,

3. Educational Qualification Certificate with        –           Mandatory

            Minimum Matriculation or more qualified Certificate for Non-ECR.

         4. Standard Affidavit as per Annexure ‘I’                    –            Mandatory  

 Care to be taken while  preparing the Documents to avoid Failures in Passport Interviews:

1. There should not be any correction or overwriting in the documents.

2. Name , Birth Date and the Address you are providing should be identical in all the Documents.

3. If your Date of Birth is on or later 26.01.1989 you should submit your Birth Certificate received from Municipal authorities, or if it is before the mentioned date you can submit either Birth Certificate or S.S.L.C certificate to verify Date of Birth.

4. Check  in advance whether the details of your documents are available in the Server, which is used by Passport authorities for verification.

5. When getting Annexure ‘F’ it should be noted that Verification Officer’s sufficient details like Employment Code, Designation, Address, Telephone numbers of Land-line and Mobile are provided in that annexure and attested with their office seal.

6. If you are a student get the Bonafide certificate from your concerned School/College Principles with Round Seal. Your study details, present address and  photo to be affixed and over signed by the Principal. 

7. While using your Bank Account  as a proof, your photo to be affixed and over signed by the Bank Manager in the Passbook and you should submit up-to date transaction statement for the last six months duly attested by the Bank Manager with stamp and only Nationalized Bank Accounts are accepted.

8. Provide only correct details to the Passport Authority.

9. You should prepare all the original documents along with two sets of self attested Xerox copies for submission of your application at PSK at the time of Interview.

Reissue of Passport:

You can apply for reissue of passport if you want another passport in lieu of an existing passport for any of the following reasons:

1. Change in Existing personal Particulars.

2. Validity Expired within 3 years/ Due to Expire.

3. Exhaustion of Pages.

4. Damaged Passport.

5. Lost Passport.

6. Validity Expired more than 3 years ago. 

Booking Appointment Slot:

Once if you are submitted your application and prepared the Documents, you can seek for an appointment for Interview in Passport Seva Kendra .  You can find out  appointments slots opening time of your concerned PSKs through Updated News of PSK: link. To get an appointment log-in 2 minutes before slot opening time with you user id and password.

1. Select view Saved/Submitted Applications.

2. Select your ARN against your name.

3. Click Manage your appointment.

4. Click Create appointment.

5. By selecting PSK location and entering captcha Code, click Show      Available slots .

6. Select the required time and enter captcha Code at a faster pace and click Book slot.

That’s all you will get your appointment and you can take out a print out and go to  the PSK for Interview on the specified date 30 minutes before the appointment time and Submit the forms in PSK.

Points to be noted while booking appointment:

1. An updated browser and System are preferred.

2. You should have high speed broad band connectivity.

3. Find out your PSK slot opening time using this link.
Updated News of PSK:

4. Set your system time coincides with PSK portal time.

5. While trying for appointment, you should not have multiple log ins for the same user ID. Then the system will automatically log out due to multiple log ins.

6. Use Caps Lock while entering captcha code.

7. Should not waste time while selecting the slot time. Select any time within a blink and enter captcha code and click Book slot.

8. After booking the slot, take a print out with the date and time of your appointment.

On the time of Appointment:

1. Reach PSK 30 minutes before the appointment time.

2. Carry out enough proofs and also additional proofs, in case if some proofs are not considered by PSK authorities you can show additional proofs.

3. Sometimes, the on-line system may be broken down and hence be prepared for filling manual application. Keep photos with white background and pen in handy.

4. Don’t forget to take the Appointment confirmation copy.

5. Go neatly combed and well dressed, because you are photographed in PSK for your passport and this photo will be seen in your Passport for another 10 years.

6. Your Documents will be verified thoroughly and if everything is okay it will be accepted for filing.

7. After filing your application and remitting the fees, you will be given a file number with 15 digit alpha numeric number as a receipt for filing your application with initial two alphabets referring your PSK and the remaining 13 digit your application file number.

After the Interview:

1. After attending the interview, you can track the status of your Passport.

2. Log on with your User ID and password with PSK portal .

3. From your Applicant’s Home, select View Status.

4. You can track your Passport status at every stage till you receive your passport at your Door step.


The Sevices available in Passport Seva Kendra:

Locate your Passport Seva Kendra:

Know the Fee Structure:

Track Application Status:

Updated News of PSK:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.Where to apply?

2.Application form Overview:

3.Fee Payment:

4.Police Verification:

5.Postal Dispatch Tracking:

6.Call centre:

7.Lost/Damaged Passports:

8.Tatkal Passports:


10.What has Changed:

11.Locate Your Passport Seva Kendra:

12.Form Download:

Before concluding this Blog, I would like to remind you that Feel Free to share  your Comments, Queries, Advises, Suggestions and  experiences in this Blog in obtaining Passport, so that others can get to know something and You are welcome!


51 thoughts on “How to get a Passport?

  1. Thanks for your details explanation of the process. Your tips really helped me secure an appointment quickly and I have now successfully applied for renewal and waiting to receive the passport.

    • Thank you Praveen! This site is dedicated especially persons like you for those who need a helping hand in to know the nuances in getting passport and to eliminate the agents and making the process as transperant!


  2. Hi..dude.thanks for your valuable post.I applied for passport a month ago.i have following doubts.
    1.Is it necessary to upload the address proof documents?
    2.Is high bandwidth net connection is required 4 getting appointment?i am using 256kbps….thanks in advance…

    • Thank you for visiting this site Mr.Shankar!
      1. You need not upload your address proof documents at the time of submitting your application in on line. Only at the time of interview you need to show address proofs at the psk .
      2. Yes! High speed bandwidth is preferable ( necessary) for getting an appointment. At least 1 Mbps is preferred.

      If you have further queries don’t hesitate to post! We are here to clarify your doubts! .

  3. Thanks.Jst now i got the appointment.I have another doubt…In application form at employee details column i give as ‘student’ mistakenly.But now i am not studying,finished my degree.By given detail as student,is it now required to submit ID proof of my college.But i don’t have ID of my college.What will do?

    • Hai Shankar

      It is a profession, that’s all! You don’t need to submit your ID proof at the time of interview! Only you have to prove your address, date of birth and your educational qualification for ecnr!

  4. I have to apply for passport for d whole family, consisting of 4 members. Is it possible to get appointment for all 4 on d same day? if yes, is der something special to be followed?

    • I don’t think it is possible to get the appointment on the same day for the Whole family! It all depends how you get the date and time for each person. Because you need to get the appointments individually to each one!

  5. Ok dude.But for that interview what are the required things to do?The proofs details which are given in your blog is enough or any other things to do?

    • Go thoroughly with my Blog! You need to submit proofs for Address, Date of Birth and your educational qualifications as original and self attested Xerox copies ! Please refer through this blog what are care to be taken while preparing the documents!

    • You are welcome Shankar! This blog is dedicated especially to guys like you! I will be so happy if you are benefited at least a little bit through this blog while securing your passport!

  6. Given present address in the online application form and address in ration card are different each other.Is it any Problem?

    • No problem! But they will not consider Ration card as one of the address proof!

      To make it as address proof try to change your address in Ration card with the Civil supplies authorities. Make sure your new address is found in the Elcot server if you are residing in Tamilnadu which will be referred by passport authorities for address proof verification!

      But if you have enough identical address proofs other than Ration card, you need not worry!

  7. My all address proofs are have a same address like as in the ration card.But,i don,t have a address proof as given in online application form.What will do?can change the address in the application?

  8. Hi Govind,
    Thanks for your blog,
    Applied passport on district passport office on 11/06/12 police varification done on 02/07/12, report sent to mumbai office from district passport office after police varification on 12/07/12 but till now i havnt received any sms or any information about my new bron child passport. even i can not track the status with file no given by district passport office on the receipt.can you please tell me how long it takes to get the passport since it is more than 2and half months

    • Dear Sam
      Thanks for visiting my Blog! Normally the process will take maximum 2 months after police verification! Why can’t you track the status? Go to applicant’s home page after log in, select against your ARN, then click View Status that will track your passport status! or still you have problem visit PSK for further enquiry! Good Luck!

  9. hi govind,

    thanks for your reply, i said about my friend who is working in travel agency he said that you can submit icici bank statement ,take signature of bank manager and seal as you said and he said to take a covering letter with my details on it.

    please confirm if you know abt anyone applied like this


    • Dear Siddu
      Anyway confirm with your PSK in advance whether they accept private bank’s account and statement as a proof. As far as I know, they accept only nationalized bank’s account and statement as proof! As I said earlier the acceptance criteria may be different from place to place.

  10. ( One Mr.Devendra Bramh Singh had written his comment in Grahakseva blog Complaint Number : 32745 as found below. I sincerly appreciate his comments and I’m so glad as at least some needy people are benefited through this blog! )

    Devendra Bramh Singh
    27th Aug. 2012

    Hi all

    please go through the below link it will give you all the information about the slot timing for the you region and other smart information to book time slot.

    don’t go to anybody and pay any mony

    people are taking information form this site and asking money to book slots 4 u


    all D best and keep smiling

  11. I have a VC from Additional Magistrate for tatkal. Only issues is that he dont have I card Number given to him. So will there be any issue. Please assist on this.

    • Dear Sandy
      Thank you for visiting my Blog! As I mentioned under the heading Care to be taken while preparing the Documents in point no.5 When getting Annexure ‘F’ it should be noted that Verification Officer’s sufficient details like Employment Code, Designation, Address, Telephone numbers of Land-line and Mobile are provided in that annexure and attested with their office seal. These details are must and should be authentic.

  12. my address proof there mentioned the taluk name.But,in online application form i didn’t give the taluk name.Is it any problem?

  13. Hi! Thank you so much for the detailed description. May God really, really bless you abundantly. Meanwhile, I would like some advise on my case. To explain briefly, I am reissuing my passport based as I have exhaused my pages. My permanent address is different from my current residential address.

    I would like your input on the flollowing
    1) Should I upload my supporting documents as well?
    2) My permanent address is what I would like to retain on the passport not the current residential address. That is possible right?
    However, I will be submitting gas connection as my current residential address. Is that sufficient?

    Look forward to hearing from you. You are awesome. Also would you know any agent? I have given up and am willing to pay to get this done at the earliest!


    • Dear Mr.Mukhil
      Thank you for visit and appreciation to my blog!
      1. You need not upload the supporting document at the time of filing application in on-line.
      2. You can retain your permanent address in your passport if you have enough address proof documents for that address!
      3. Your Name and address in all the document proofs should be same, for the name and address you are seeking passport. If it is different it will not be treated as one of your documents proof!

      Don’t give up!

      Good Luck!

  14. Well it will be very useful for any applicant. Very valuable information u have posted in this blog. Really the full techniques u have mention in this blog.

    Keep it up

  15. Hi sir,

    I ve got my appointment as u guided. and i need to knw, my birth certificate my permanent address is printed wrongly with slighter mistakes.but my place of birth is that ll be considered nd create a prob?? since i got my bc 2 months b4.BC are oly 4 proof nd place of birth rgt?

    2. I hve passbook of joint account 4m IOB with photo as my address proof ..whether statement i ve to get??joint account accepted ah?

    3.In my telephone bill, LANE is shortly printed as LN oly?? can i take it as a proof of address??

    4. in gas connection bill,my father name is given as Chanrasekaran instead of chandrasekar. is it accepted??

    5. in EB bill, there is no address,then how could it be accepted??or it means EB card??

    6. we can submit Ration card also as address proof rgt??

    Since i dnt want to get rejected on interview pls help me..

    Thank you..!!!

    • Dear Aswini

      Thank you for your queries!
      1. Ration Card can be submitted as an address proof.
      2. As per Passport authorities guide lines, the documents you are submitting for address proof should carry the same name and address and should be identical in all the proofs without any mistakes and correction or over writing!
      3. Preparing the documents is more important than getting an appointment!

  16. Hi Govind,

    One question.

    The passport site says that if ration card is provided as proof of address then I will need to provide yet another address proof. I have the Election Id as another address proof but the name is specified as ‘Shriram’ in the election id instead of ‘Sriram’. What am I to do now to overcome this issue?

    • Dear Sriram
      Thank you for your visit to my Blog and your query!
      1.Please refer my answer to Aswini earlier in my blog.As I mentioned to Aswini the documents you are submitting for address proof should carry the same name and address and should be identical in all the proofs without any mistakes and correction or over writing!
      2.Yes when you are using Ration Card as an address proof, you need to provide yet another address proof since the Ration Card is not always carrying photo ID of all family members. That’s why they are asking for another address proof along with photo ID.
      3.You can identify other address proofs like Nationalised Bank Account, Income tax assessment order and other documents which you can find if you go through my blog under the heading the documents required to obtain passport!

      Good Luck!

      • Govind – Thanks for the quick response. I don’t have any other address proof. Can I get an address proof from my company and use it? I work for an I.T company.

      • Dear Sriram
        Only the Certificate from Employers from Reputed Public limited Companies on their letter head with Seal will be accepted as address proof!

  17. I am from Pune … i submitted application online for fresh passport on 13th sep…still i din’t get appointment ….even today i tried from 5.30pm – 6.30pm please help me…..

  18. hi govind, regards….
    i am going to get my pasport reissue…within 3 yrs…and also getting place of birth changed…and address changed….
    1..i have only one address proof (as said in passport seva prtal..”one of the given” )that is a SBI’s bank statement of 1 year and passbook with photo…
    2..birth certificate…as proof of place of birth…high school certificate from the same place…place of birth is within the same state..

    3. affidavits stating.. reason for change of birth…previously wrongly filled..
    4.old passport..original and photocopies..
    what else you suggest…
    will it be ok??
    kindly tell me before 2nd of october??regards

  19. hello Govind…kindly let me know .. whether they go beyond the things told in pass -port site.. can any one stick to the things told in passport site ….like…….”…atleast one of the following docs required..””…Now can they ask for two docs in place of one here…………I am taking about adres proof…….as i have only one yr state ment of SBI as add. proof.

    i need a quick reply…thanks

    • Dear Ryan
      Thanks for your visit and query! Normally they expect more than one document proof and also it depends on authenticity of your proof! Please carry additional solid proofs to avoid failure at the the time of interview!

  20. Thanks for appearing !!!!
    Will my driving licence of the same address… serve the purpose?and HDFC bank statement….is one more…….but nothing, nothing other than this i have…i will carry these two also…..
    for the change of birth place..i am again following what they have written on the site…….that is ..affidavit stating reason for the change…i got it done from additional magistrate of the place (town)of birth(original).

    now can i argue for the support of my docs…..?….as the PSKs ask to follow the web site.
    If it is said ‘self attested”….do they really mean it ?
    thanks ….waiting for reply before 2nd oct.

    • Dear Ryan
      1.Yes! If your driving licence is obtained before one year it will serve the purpose!
      2.But I don’t think private Bank’s statement will be accepted.
      3.Only Xerox copies of your documents to be submitted with your sign as self attested and the originals to be shown for verification!

  21. Hello govind,nic to see al d relevant details in ur blog.
    bt .. d purpose i hav visited ur blog is not met yet unfortunately.
    the procedure of slot bookng as u hav quoted is known n i follow it as it is.
    once i click the ‘show available slots’ numerous slots appear from psk-visakhapatnam at 5pm. i enter the captcha n click on sum slot randomly evrytime or even the last slot for ease.the next page asks another captcha for confirmation and i type it and submit the form.
    evrytime i do this a msg appears “this slot has been booked by some one els”‘
    wats dis evrytime dude.. i hav a great bsnl broadband conection..

    kindly help me out. its been a long tim m trying.. unfortunately its almost 5mnths i hav struggled to book a slot..

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